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Resource conservation and efficiency

Resource efficiency plays a key role in the strategy of an ecological industry policy. We all have an interest in this topic, not only due to the increasing raw materials prices – everyone from production industries to industrial and private end users is affected. Many of the technological, economical and ecological challenges are consolidated in this topic facing us.

In the past years, the waste disposal industry has transformed into a recyclables and raw material industry. While the use of secondary materials for the primary manufacturing of steel, metals, glass or paper has been practiced for many years, the use is more difficult when the materials are not available sorted or are available only in a mixed waste stream and required sorting and processing.

The conversion to a resource optimised cycle and recycling system is far from being completed. New procedures to optimise the extraction and preparation of secondary raw materials are driven by the increasing recyclables prices. Thereby phases of plummeting recyclables prices based on general economic crises as in 2008 and 2009 are only short-term occurrences.

We require ourselves, also internationally, to offer only technologically highly-developed processes in order to efficiently utilise the natural resources.

My expertise in resource conservation and efficiency

Focus on resource management while leading a multinational environmental service enterprise (2001 – 2009)